Monday, February 22, 2010

Laurie Goodheart Photography Facebook Fanpage CONTEST

OKAY... Because I WISH I could give everyone who entered the contest a free session ... I've decided to do something a little different... I've picked the one BIG winner ......


        FAWN DUDLEY will receive a FREE photo session for herself, son & mother to have their pictures captured to treasure always.... Please contact me and schedule this (date within next month).....

******** ALSO ****** 

I had such a difficult struggle on wanting to GIVE MORE that I am ALSO going to open up for the other nominees to be voted for (by fans only) so invite your friends to join if you think they would love my photos ... and vote vote vote... the person winning this "LEG" of the contest will receive a photo shoot with all processed photos on a disk with print release for only $25 dollars!! ---ALL nominees please repost your "story" of why you feel you should win a Laurie Goodheart Photography photo session if you would like this!! :) Following are the names of all nominees:
*Amanda Wertanen: Sandy Litcher
*Cheryl Cormier Johnson: Herself/family
*Amy Bilodeau: Herself/family
*Jinny Deroche: Herself/family
*Sandy Sawyer: Linda & Bruce Blanchard
*Nate Mogan: Friend, Erin
*Santana Delile: Husband's Parents
*Margaret Humphrey: Her Children
*Dawna Kopecky: Her Friend
*Kimberly Bolte: Herself/Daughter
*Dyani Genovese: Herself/son
*Danielle Cloutier: Herself/daughter
*Katie Quincannon: Herself/family
*Amanda Ingerson: Herself/siblings
*Christy Keep: Her friend/Mary Jones

***Let's Make this FUN!!**** Stories to be posted on Laurie Goodheart Photography Fanpage... and votes to be submitted as "comments" under a new status once time has been given for stories to be reposted. :)

****SO Vote yourselves, invite friend's to become fans and vote, or you can also vote for anyone's story that YOU feel deserves a great deal on a Photo session!! :)

 ((ALL remaining non BIG winners that are nominees will also RECEIVE 10 dollars off a session if they book a photo session with me within the next 6months!!)) ....

Thank you to all my fans for such a successful FIRST ( Definately NOT the last) Laurie Goodheart Photography Photo contest!!!

-Laurie Goodheart- (Me and my youngest- PIC taken by AWESOME photographer friend: Lacie!!!) 


  1. In case anyone is wondering about fawn's story/situation as to why she was picked as free session winner.... More information to come... ;)

  2. The Following is the "background" story for the winner of the photo session!!


    "When I was 6 years old i was diagnosed with RP which is an eye disease, I have no perefrial vision, and the little center vision i do have left I have cyst that swells up and blocks it, so I go to Boston every couple months to get injections to control the swelling, they have not yet found a cure for my eye disease, and ultimitly I could one day go blind, but there is no telling how long or when this may happen. Also I got pregnant at 18, and now have a 18 month old son. I am a single mom and with money situations I wasnt able to get his 1 year old pictures taken. My mother said she was going to take us to get them done for his birthday present, but then she got very sick, and was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She was not able to get the photos taking because now she too does not have the money for it. Thank you for choosing me! This means a lot and very much appreciated."

    THANK YOU FAWN for being so open and giving of your story & information, I look forward to doing your son's one year photos- a little later better than never ;) and I would also LOVE To include your mother and yourself in on the shoot!! :)

  3. YAY FAWN MARIE!!! :] i am soo very proud of you! love you lots! <3