Monday, February 22, 2010

Laurie Goodheart Photography Facebook Fanpage CONTEST

OKAY... Because I WISH I could give everyone who entered the contest a free session ... I've decided to do something a little different... I've picked the one BIG winner ......


        FAWN DUDLEY will receive a FREE photo session for herself, son & mother to have their pictures captured to treasure always.... Please contact me and schedule this (date within next month).....

******** ALSO ****** 

I had such a difficult struggle on wanting to GIVE MORE that I am ALSO going to open up for the other nominees to be voted for (by fans only) so invite your friends to join if you think they would love my photos ... and vote vote vote... the person winning this "LEG" of the contest will receive a photo shoot with all processed photos on a disk with print release for only $25 dollars!! ---ALL nominees please repost your "story" of why you feel you should win a Laurie Goodheart Photography photo session if you would like this!! :) Following are the names of all nominees:
*Amanda Wertanen: Sandy Litcher
*Cheryl Cormier Johnson: Herself/family
*Amy Bilodeau: Herself/family
*Jinny Deroche: Herself/family
*Sandy Sawyer: Linda & Bruce Blanchard
*Nate Mogan: Friend, Erin
*Santana Delile: Husband's Parents
*Margaret Humphrey: Her Children
*Dawna Kopecky: Her Friend
*Kimberly Bolte: Herself/Daughter
*Dyani Genovese: Herself/son
*Danielle Cloutier: Herself/daughter
*Katie Quincannon: Herself/family
*Amanda Ingerson: Herself/siblings
*Christy Keep: Her friend/Mary Jones

***Let's Make this FUN!!**** Stories to be posted on Laurie Goodheart Photography Fanpage... and votes to be submitted as "comments" under a new status once time has been given for stories to be reposted. :)

****SO Vote yourselves, invite friend's to become fans and vote, or you can also vote for anyone's story that YOU feel deserves a great deal on a Photo session!! :)

 ((ALL remaining non BIG winners that are nominees will also RECEIVE 10 dollars off a session if they book a photo session with me within the next 6months!!)) ....

Thank you to all my fans for such a successful FIRST ( Definately NOT the last) Laurie Goodheart Photography Photo contest!!!

-Laurie Goodheart- (Me and my youngest- PIC taken by AWESOME photographer friend: Lacie!!!) 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Pleasure Of Sunshine..

On Thursday I had the WONDERFUL pleasure to photograph a daycare & preschool of 12 children. What fun it was! The parents/owner were wonderful help and the kiddos did such a fantastic job! It was a joy to take their picture... here is the group photo from the day so far!

The whole Gang!!  

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Baby Ray

Yesterday I had the fortunate experience to have my first newborn photo shoot with two week old Reagan, she is adorable and perfect in every which way, it was a pleasure to meet her and she was the perfect photo baby and slept right through it all! I already can't wait to take more pictures of her as she grows ... Congratulations and Excellant Job to Missy and Josh Jeawitt~!!

Here are a couple "peeks" at the pictures ...